Our Digi Sign plans are priced per a location. In this step, enter the total number of locations that will be signed up to use Digi Signs.

A volume discount is applied to the Digi Signs base subscription, at the end, for the following thresholds:

  • 5+ locations $2.00 off /mo
  • 10+ locations $4.00 off /mo

Store Locations

How many locations will be needing Digi Signs?

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Count the total number of signs that will be in all of the locations. It doesn't matter if some locations of more signs htna others. We just need the grand total of signs to be used. This how we determine how much hardware is needed.

Sign Quantity

Including all locations, how many signs will there be?

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We charge only per an original sign design. If you have 4 signs, for example, that all require a unqiue design, then you'd enter "4". If you have multiple locations using the same designs, that's perfectly fine and doesn't cost any additonal money.

Sign Design

How many different sign designs will you need?

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Will there be internet available? Our signs can run offline, but certain features do require internet, such as "scheduling".


Is internet access available?

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  • Yes
  • No


Network Hardware
Ethernet-Switch $40
Router $40
Cat5 $5

Features are an additional monthly cost to your plan.

Versioning: This allows you to save different versions of your signs. This feature comes in handy when wanting to show specials during peak hours, special occasions, or holidays.

Scheduling: This works well in conjunction to the Versioning Feature, by allowing you to set a certain time frame to show a version of your sign.


Add features to your plan. See "details" below, for more info.

  • Versioning
  • Scheduling


Versioning $5
Scheduling $5


location(s) w/ features & support

Startup Cost

Hardware, Design & On-site Setup

Grand Total:

Rotate device 90deg or enlarge window.